Hello Traders,

My name is Johnny, Im pro trader since 2003 year and this is my forex trading story.

Johnny want make money as soon as possible. :D

When I heard about forex and stock market for the very first time, I was impressed with the fact that I can easily make a lot of money trading from home. After only one month of learning and trading on my demo account I thought I was ready to make a million. That is everybody’s first goal, right?

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it.

Make money from home, travel all over the world, be free, be your boss. Life is great. I was ready for big changes in my life.

Johnny is going to lose some money :(

After one month of learning and trading on demo account I moved on a real account. I opened $x,xxx real account and my trading career has began.

I traded every currency pair, used all strategies, learned how to trade with every forex indicator, fundamentals, technical analysis. I was excited!

At the end of my first trading month my account was empty. I lost my first account.

That was hard time for me, I was really depressed and felt like looser. I thought there is no chance to trade again.

Johnny is beck to school, he decide to learn. :)

I realized that my worst weakness was poor knowledge about forex market. So I invested my money in knowledge, searched for forex ebooks, I read, studied and practiced. I bought few strategies and indicators and ontinued with learning and exercising.

Finally I chosed two forex courses, successfully completed the courses and practiced more and more. I’m going to be honest, it was hard time too, but that was the only way to get on the right track, you must invest your time in learning.

Where is Johnny right now? :D

Johnny is happy and successful pro trader, travels all over the world, enjoys life. He is trying to help other forex traders too. Johnny will help you find the best FREE forex eBooks online, so you can be sure you are on the right track.

And Johnny made >>

Sincerely Yours