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Technical AnalysisAn effort to forecast prices by analyzing market action through chart study, volume, trends, moving averages, patterns, formations and many other technical indicators.
TickMinimum price move.
TickerShows current and/or recent history of a currency either in the format of a graph or table.
Tomorrow Next (Tom/Next)Simultaneous buying and selling of a currency for delivery the following day.
TradingBuying or selling of goods and services among countries called commerce. Forex Trading is the trading of Foreign Currencies.
Transaction Costthe cost of buying or selling a financial instrument.
Transaction DatThe date on which a trade occurs.
Trendsimply the direction of the market, usually broken down to three categories….major, intermediate and short-term trends. Three directions are also associated.
Trend LineThis is a Technical Analysis indicator also called or linear regression, which is a statistical tool used to uncover trends. It is calculated by using the "Least Squares" method. There are two ways to use the linear regression line: a. Trade in the direction of the Trend line. b. Construct a parallel trend channel above and below the Trend line to be used as support and resistance levels.
TurnoverThe total money value of all executed transactions in a given time period; volume.
Two-Way PriceWhen both a bid and offer rate is quoted for a FX transaction.
Take-Profit Order (TP) an order to sell or buy a lot when the market reaches certain price. It is used to fixate your profit. Usually is a combination of stop-order and limit-order.
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