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When To Trade by Scott Owens with Omer Lizotte

When To Trade by Scott Owens with Omer LizotteWhen To Trade forex eBook will teach you Which hours, Which trading session to trade, What is the range, how to trade range and much more.

One of the key elements of any trading system is market timing. Many traders fail to account for timing when making trading decisions, and those who do often rely on their instinct of market timing rather than empirical data. The sophisticated investor uses advanced timing techniques to optimize market entry and exit.


• Hour: Which hours of the day will produce the best trades?
• Session: Which trading session has the most action?
• Day: What is the range for particular days of the week?
• Month: Do the days of the month differe?


• Correlate your engines to optimal trading ranges
• Test your engines according to a specific entry schedule

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